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Swim Camp Program Descriptions

 Endurance Swim Camp

Short-Course Season (SCS) Endurance Swim Camp is from September through March and Long-Course Season (LCS) Endurance Swim Camp is from April through August.  The year-long (SCS & LCS) Endurance Camp Swim Program is multi-tiered program serving both the recreational and the fitness swimmer and the competitive swimmer. You have to be in shape to swim fast and the purpose of the Endurance Swim Camp is to condition the competitive swimmer so that they can swim their fastest. For the Recreational & Fitness Swimmer the purpose of the Endurance Camp is to provide a total body workout to develop and maintain the swimmer in peak overall physical condition. The Endurance Swim Camp Program helps all swimmers get ready for the hard stuff that comes later in regular swim practice. For swimmers who participate in other sports the Endurance Camp Program really conditions them and helps to protect them from injuries.

The program teaches at a pace that enables the swimmer's endurance system to develop.  The program progressively trains the swimmer to be able to handle a longer, harder level of endurance swimming to give them deep conditioning. The Endurance Camp Program cycles through 3 main training, energy and heart rate categories which enables the swimmers body to learn and adapt to different kinds of stress. Attending each training session is important to keep the swimmer from getting out of synch within a cycle. Being that good attendance is critical to conditioning which is the main contributor for race fitness and enables the swimmers body to learn to be its best, a swimmer should try to never miss a training session. All swimmers receive a Certificate of Participation and have the opportunity to earn further certifications. Endurance Swim Camp only develops and focuses on ones Endurance. Endurance Swim Camps are for ALL swimmers ALL Abilities age 6 years & up.

Winter Training Swim Camp
The Winter Training Swim Camp Program is conducted each December during the last 2 weeks and offers up to 10 sessions. This Camp has one main purpose, and that is produce outstanding
performances during the Short-Course Championship Swim Season which begins in January and can go thru April. It is a structured program with time lines that focus on progressively extensive physical and mental training via the following: (1) Mental Preparation Classes, (2) Swimming Workouts to produce maximum yardage, (3) Physical Training and (4) Running, Walking and Biking sessions.

The Mental Preparation sessions include Bible & Devotional Studies, Goal Setting, Imagery, Self-Talk, Concentration, Team Building, Self-Confidence, Physical and Mental Energy,
Behavior Assessment Tools and Adventures in Growth with motivational sessions. The Swimming Workouts mainly consist of aerobic work which to improve basic strength and
provide some power training. We also improve the ability for speed and do a little speed work. The Physical Training includes progressions (as tolerated) of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, dips,
bands, balls and swim stretches. The Running Session includes progressions (as tolerated) of running, and walking an average of 1-2 miles per session.

Our Winter Training Swim Camp Program encompasses all 6 areas of USA Swimming Progressions for Athlete Development; Competitive Performance, Biomechanics, Physiology, Character Development & Life Skills and Psychological Skills. We not only work to develop an athlete’s talent and skill set specifically for Championship Swim Season, we continuously foster water safety education and waterproofing of our swimmers and those that they encounter in the water.

Pre-Season Swim Camp
Our Pre-Season Swim camp is offered 2 times each year and each one last approximately 2 weeks or 10 sessions to give swimmers a low-stress jump start on the upcoming Swimming Season once in August of each year for the Short-Course and once in March of each year for the Long-Course Swim Season.

It consists of swim conditioning work plus dry land training for strength and swim education classes to help swimmers achieve success and mental excellence so that they can physically assimilate faster and better to their Competitive Swimming Seasons Training and Competition Schedule. Pre-Season Swim Camp is for all swimmers ages 4 and up.

Championship Training Swim Camp
Our Championship Training Swim Camp is intensive and its purpose is to provide the maximum  training opportunity available to swimmers participating in State, Regional and National Swim
Meets during the Long-Course Season which begins in June and ends in August each year. This Camp exemplifies a constant rehearsal of each swimmers events to get them ready for their Championship Swim Meet. We solidify our swimmers aerobic base right at the beginning of the Camp, all the time rehearsing their events. Immediately following verification of their base we immediately take them into our speed training program which consist of 3 parts: (1) first we improve their ability for speed so that we can develop their speed and then, (2) we do speed training and then, (3) we train them to take out their race while rehearsing over and over again

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (573) 358-7727Office/Fax, 573-366-0410 Office Cell or Email at: programs@loveswimming.org

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2016 - 2017 Camp Dates are:
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Fall/Winter Pre-Season Swim Camp
(3-4 hours) Cost: $150.00 for 4-5 Sessions
8/15/2016-8/19/2016  Sign-up Deadline 8/8/2016
8/22/2016-8/26/2016  Sign-up Deadline 8/15/2016

Spring/Summer Pre-Season Swim Camp
(3-4 hours) Cost: $150.00 for 4-5 Sessions
Spring wk#1: 3/13/2017-3/17/2017 Sign-up Deadline 3/6/2017
Spring wk#2: 3/20/2017 - 3/24/2017   Sign-up Deadline 3/13/2017

SCS Endurance Swim Camp
(up to 90 minutes) Cost $425.00 SCS (August 15, 2016 through February 27, 2017)
8/15/2016 - 2/27/2017 Sign-up Deadline 8/8/2016

LCS Endurance Swim Camp
(up to 90 minutes) Cost $325.00 (March 13, 2017 through August July 31, 2017)
3/13/2017 - 7/31/2017 Sign-up Deadline 3/6/2017

Winter Training Swim Camp
(3-4 hours per session) Cost $150.00 per week (4-5 Sessions). A total of 8-10 sessions offered
Wk#1: 12/19/2016 - 12/23/2016  Sign-up Deadline 12/12/2016
Wk#2: 12/26/2016 - 12/30/2016  Sign-up Deadline 12/19/2016

Championship Training Swim Camp
(3-4 hours) Cost: $150.00 for 4-5 Sessions
7/10/2017-7/14/2017   Sign-up Deadline 7/3/2017
7/17/2017 -7/21/2017  Sign-up Deadline 7/9/2017
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