Monthly Symposium

We are currently in the process of building our Advisory Board which currently meets monthly  during an informal dinner. 

Current Advisory Board Members are:

Member at Large: Mr. Harold Leventry, Bonne Terre, Missouri

President: Mrs.  Anne Mahan, Festus, Missouri

Member at Large:  Miss Laura Selmon, Crystal City, Missouri

Member at Large:  Mrs. Laurie Smith, St. Louis, Missouri

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page,
Email us at programs@loveswimming.org or
Call/fax us at  (573) 358-7727 or
 you can reach us on our Office Cell at 573-366-0410

Monthly Swim Symposium
Swim Team Meeting

R.S.V.P. one week in advance to Mrs. Jamie Brown at jhale1012@yahoo.com
We meet one-time each month at Webster University, 175 Edgar Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63119 from 4:00pm - 5:00pm.(1) Welcome and conduct a Q&A for our New Members (USA Swimming's PEAK Program/Program Overview), (2) present a Swim Symposium (Swim/Other topic with guest speakers), (3) conduct a Business Meeting (statistical report), and conduct a (4) Coach/Staff Instructor Training/Update.  

Also, from 5:00pm - 6:00pm we conduct a Monthly Swim Team Social to celebrate Member birthdays for the Month.  Click here for our 2012-2013 Membership Birthday Club and Celebration Dates  

2013-2014 Monthly Meeting Dates
Dates and Agenda Pending...


Past Meeting Minutes are listed below for your review and reference:

September 2008 Symposium Minutes
October 2008 Symposium Minutes
November 2008 Symposium Minutes
December 2008 Symposium Minutes
January 2009 Symposium Minutes
February 2009 Symposium Minutes
March 2009 Symposium Minutes
April 2009 Symposium Minutes
May 2009 Symposium Minutes
June 2009 Symposium Minutes
July 2009 Symposium Minutes
August 2009 Symposium Minutes
September 2009 Symposium Minutes
October 2009 Symposium Minutes
November 2009 Symposium Minutes
December 2009 Symposium Minutes
January 2010 Symposium Minutes
February 2010 Symposium Minutes
March 2010 Symposium Minutes
April 2010 Symposium Minutes
May 2010 Symposium Minutes
June 2010 Symposium Minutes
July 2010 Symposium Minutes
August 2010 Symposium Minutes

Listed below are our Monthly Symposium Agenda's

December 2009 Agenda
January 2010 Agenda

February 2010 Agenda
March 2010 Agenda
April 2010 Agenda
May 2010 Agenda
June 2010 Agenda
July 2010 Agenda
August 2010 Agenda
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