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Date: 01-22-2012  Week#23

To see if you can serve God, test yourself by asking to whom is your greatest loyalty - Melchizedek...

Date: 01-15-2012  Week#22

God wants us to do more than drift through life - Lot...

Date: 01-08-2012  Week#21

Obedience is a long-term commitment - Noah...

Date: 01-01-2012  Week#20

God doesn't always protect us from trouble, but cares for us in spite of it - Noah...

Date: 12-25-2011  Week#19

God is faithful to those who obey him - Noah...

Date: 12-18-2011  Week#18

The consequences of sin are sometimes for life - Cain & Esau...

Date: 12-11-2011  Week#17

What we offer to God must be from the heart - Cain...

Date: 12-04-2011  Week#16

God hears those who come to him - Abel...

Date: 11-27-2011  Week#15

Don't share your sin with your mate - Eve ...

Date: 10-30-2011  Week#11

We all reflect to some degree the image of God-Adam...

Date: 11-06-2011  Week#12

We should not blame others for our faults - Adam & Eve...

Date: 11-13-2011  Week#13

We cannot hide from God - Adam...

Date: 11-20-2011  Week#14

Don't let satan undermine your contentment - Eve...

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Click below for a listing of our Weekly Bible Verses for reference, review, to write and or to memorize and recite:

Week#  Life Application    Bible Study       Review
1          Genesis 1:27                                       Questions
  2          Psalm 119:11                                       Questions
  3         Joshua 1:9                                           Questions
  4         Galatians 2:20                                      Questions
  5          1 Samuel 16:7                                     Questions
  6          John 3:16                                            Questions
15          Proverbs 3:5-6                                     Questions
21          Exodus 20:12                                      Questions
22          Romans 6:23                                       Questions
23          Philippians 2:12-13                              Questions
24          Genesis 2:24                                       Questions
25          2 Timothy 3:16-17                                Questions
26           Psalm 8:3-4                                         Questions
27          2 Chronicles 7:14                                 Questions
28          Romans 12:1-2                                     Questions
29          Proverbs 18:24                                    Questions
30           1 Peter 1:7                                           Questions
31           Romans 8:38-39                                  Questions
32           Isaiah 40:30-31                                   Questions
33           Philippians 2:3        Study Video         Questions
34           Deuteronomy 7:9                                Questions
35           1 Peter 2:9                                          Questions
36           Isaiah 26:3                                          Questions
37           Luke 11:9-10                                      Questions
38           Ecclesiastes 12:1                               Questions
39           Galatians 5:22-23                               Questions
40           Ruth 1:16-17                                      Questions
41          Ephesians 3:17b-19                            Questions
42          Ezekiel 36:26                                       Questions
43          2 Corinthians 5:17                               Questions
44         Jude 1:24-25                                        Questions
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