Learn to Swim Program

Swim America

is a state-of-the-art, national learn to swim program developed by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA)

for Infants, Pre-School, School-Age and Adult Students. 

The Swim America Program is: (1) Quality Controlled - the cornerstone of this program is maintained from the National Office down to every coach working with every individual student by training, communication and follow-through, (2) Goal-driven - the Swim America Program has advancement criteria that provides the student with clear tests of their own abilities, and (3) Technique-oriented - Swim America believes that "good swimming is good swimming".  There is no distinction between "competitive" and "recreational technique".

All of our Coach Instructors are trained and certified by our Swim America Program Directors. 

Trinity Fellowship's Sports Ministry Program Director is the holder of our Swim America License and has been granted the exclusive right to operate the Swim America Program in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas

Swim America is designed for everybody, regardless of usage intentions.  It prepares any student who wishes to learn with the tools to participate in and appreciate a wide variety of aquatic activities like: competitive swim racing which is organized to provide excitement for children and adults alike (Swim Team), long-distance swimming, triathlon, springboard and platform diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and SCUBA diving.  Also, activities such as boating, water skiing, surfing, sailing, canoeing and fishing are made less hazardous when a participant can remove themselves from danger if the unexpected should occur.

Swim America is taught in 10 stations:

Station1: Bubbles

Station2: Floats and Glides

Station 3: Kicking

Station 4: Crawl Stroke

Station 5: Freestyle

Station 6: Backstroke

Station 7: Breastroke

Station 8: Butterfly

Station 9: Lifetime Strokes

Station 10: Individual Medley

Swim America teaches more than just how to swim.  Proper techniques are emphasized, with attention given to correct body position, movement of arms and legs, breathing and timing of the strokes.  In all stations, the students will focus on good swimming, which makes students safe in the water, fitness, health and fun.

Each new student is evaluated and placed in the station that best suits their ability.  A returning student will be placed in the station they were working on at the end of their last session.  The Program Director will track each student's progress and station placement. Unlike other learn-to-swim programs that lock a student in for the duration of a scheduled session which consists of several classes maybe even the entire program, Swim America is progressive and moves each student to a higher station(s) as they master the skills even if that means advancing  the student through several stations in one class. The Students find this program concept exciting and very rewarding because they get to see immediate results as they rewarded each time they advance.  Remember, students will progress at different rates.  Progress depends on each student's age, maturity and fitness level.

After Station 10 of the Swim America Program, the student will be able to swim 300 non-stop yards of freestyle, 100 yards of Backstroke and 100 yards of Individual Medley because Swim America considers this to be the definition of "Learn to Swim".

The student will not only be proficient in all four of the Olympic Strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke and freestyle but also possess the skills of extended swimming and technique refinement in all major strokes and turns.  At this point the student will also have the skills necessary to join LOVE Swimming or Team Genesis Swim Club.  The difference between LOVE Swimming and Team Genesis Swim Club is the level of commitment.

Our Swim America Program
for the 2014-2015 Annual Swim Season

 also has a 
Pre-Competitive Swim Team

This is PERFECT for the swimmer who is a talented athlete but: (1) does not want to comit to all of the requirements of a year-round competitive swim program but wants to learn more than swim lessons. Our Pre-Competitive Swim Team requires that a student complete Station 8 in our Swim America Program.

Pre-Competitive Swim Team workouts last 45 minutes.  Swimmers in our Pre-Competitive Program are not set-up to or required to graduate from our Swim America Program.

The cost of our Pre-Competitive Swim Team is $14 per class - it is a Swim America Class and the minimum purchase is 5 classes.  A swimmer can set their own practice schedule as long as they do at least 1 class per week, else 1 class will be deducted from the remaining balance of classes purchased for that swimmer.  Purchased classes not used in the Swim Season of purchase are forfeited.

Pre-Competitive Swim Team members are required to:
  • do 2 Team scheduled swim meets per Swim Season.
  • purchase a Swim America suit, Swim America swim cap, goggles, and our Swim Team Cap at our Swim Team Store at shop.loveswimming.org
  • complete a  minimum of 10 service hours per Swim Season in our Swim America Program if they are 12 years or older.

Registration Policy:

There is a high demand for Swim America classes, so early enrollment is encouraged.  Classes are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

1. Payment is due at the time of registration

2. Remember to indicate your requested session(s) and class time(s) on your registration form.. 

3.  There is an initial registration fee of $25.  If the swimmer returns the following year in August their 1st Annual Registration Fee is $85.00 and they are a 2nd year+ returning student then their Annual Registration Fee is $125.00,  All Returning Students are required to Register august 1st of each year and at a minimum of 7 days before the start of the new Annual Swim Season.

Refund Policy:

No refunds and No credits.  No exceptions.  We rent pool space and pay coaches based on our registrations.  Cancellation of classes is at the discretion of our Program Director.

Make-up Policy:



Discipline Policy:

All disciplinary issues are handled directly by our Program Director.

For more information, send us a request by clicking the "Contact us" tab at the top of this page, or
call (573) 358-7727 Office/Fax
or email us at: programs@loveswimming.org
Call us today!

Program Overview

Membership Requirements and Cost:
All Students are required to be members of our Swim America Learn-to-Swim Program in order to participate.  All Membership Fees are required to be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of the Students classes.  The cost is as follows:

The "Initial" Registration Cost (for everyone) is $25.00 and then an Annual Registration is due (from all members) by August 1st each year after the "Initial" Registration Fee is paid. 

We are a year-round program and swimmers can sign-up at any time including the month of August.  If you sign-up in August your Annual Registration will become due the following August.  However; if you sign-up in a month other than August including the month of July your 1st Annual Registration will become due August 1st.   After you pay your 1st Annual Registration Fee you will be required to pay a Returning Annual Registration Fee that is also due by August 1st of each year.

1st Annual Registration Fee is $85.00

Returning Annual Registration Fee is $125.00

Class Fees are as follows:

Private is $24.00 per class
.  1st time infant (6months - 3 years) class purchase requirement is 10 classes.  All others can purchase classes in any quantity desired. A "free" Speedo suit ($30 - $100+ dollar value) is given with your 1st purchase of 12 or more classes. 

Regular Classes are $14.00 per class.  These classes can be purchased at anytime in any quantity of 5 or more, (i.e. 8, 10, 12, etc.)

Mission, Goals and Objectives:
This is a quality controlled, technique driven and goal oriented progressive program.  Swimming skills are taught from day 1 with every student of every age. 
Time line to complete the program ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 years.

Age Requirement:
Ages 6 months and older can participate in the program as follows - (1) Infants, 6 months - 3 years, (2) Pre-school, 3 years - 5 years, (3) School-age, 5 years - 18 years, (4) Adult, 18+ years, (5) Private, 3+ years, and (6) Pre -competitive, 3+ years.

Talent, Ability, Strength, Certification Requirements:
None.  However; if disabled, modifications will be made to put the student on a level playing field.

Commitment Requirements:
None. However; in order to progress Students are required to attend at least 1 class per week and students 3 years and older who can swim a USA Swimming event length for their age group are required to participate in Team Scheduled Swim Meets once every 2 months and all Team Hosted Swim Meets.  Also, the more classes attended the better and faster the student will progress in the program.

Sign-up & Payment Requirements:
All sign-up forms are located on the Team website at http://www.loveswimming.org and just click the Swim America tab at the top of the front page and follow the instructions.
Payment is required 7 days prior to the start of any class, camp, clinic, meet, practice, etc. or a minimum of 5 business days.

Orientation Requirements:
None.  However, new and returning members are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly Swim Education Presentation.  This meeting does require an RSVP at least 7 days prior to the monthly meeting to the Coach.  Monthly meeting dates are located on the Swim Team website at http://www.loveswimming.org and just click on the home tab and then Board of Directors for the Agenda, date, time and location.

Education Requirement:
None.  However, we do make available Symposium and a PEAK Performance program for our membership.  Please see your Coach for further information.

Swim Team Business Meeting Requirement:
None:  However, we do provide newsletters and website updates and fliers and alerts to our membership.

Program Awards:
Awards for our Learn to Swim Program include; Swim America Certificates, Swim America Gold Seals, , Trophy Award, Ribbon awards for participation and accomplishments.  Birthday Certificates.

Free Stuff:
Treat, snacks, fruit, etc. at the end of each class.  USA Swimming and USA Swimming Foundation Trinkets, Stickers and Logos, Swim Suits, and sponsorships

How To Register By Mail or Fax:

(1) Click the Swim America Sign-up Papers on this page and it will take you to the Swim America Sign-up Form.

(2) Print the Form.  Complete and Sign the Form.  Submit the Form and your payment to:

Trinity Fellowship Sports Ministry
  P.O. Box 345
Bonne Terre, Missouri 63628


Fax your Completed and signed Registration Form and Payment Information (Credit Card, Debit Card or Check) to 573-358-7727.


Infants and PreSchool Curriculum
How Do Infants, PreSchoolers and Adults Fit into the
 Swim America Program?

Definition:  Infants are children ages 6 months to 36 months.  Preschoolers are children age 36 months to age 5.  Adults are individuals 18 years and older.  Swim America does not accept children for lessons who are younger than 6 months.

Infants are accepted into the program with their parents with the purpose of increasing comfort in the water and developing survival floating skills.  Though some other skills are learned, this part of the program is not "learn-to-swim" because this implies a skill level that we do not intend to attempt to teach and there is danger in a parent's expectation that a small child can "swim".  Each infant must be accompanied by a parent or parent substitute. 

With preschoolers a parent or parent substitute is optional to accompany the child into the water.  Most three year olds can be away from parents, but will be grouped with other 3 year olds if possible.  At ages four and five the coach may work with small groups at one time, if the child demonstrates competent independent movement in the water and can follow directions. 

Some children at ages 3-5 may have demonstrated breath control, bobbing (air exchange) ability and some floating and horizontal movement.  With permission of both the Program Director and the parent, these children may be placed in the school age Swim America program so that they may continue to progress to a higher skill level.

Infants:  Lessons or water skills or survival skills will encourage new abilities in the areas of motor development, language, emotional and social skills.  Because the parent is with the child in the water, there will be an enrichment of the parent-child relationship.  Lessons will help develop confidence in the child's ability to learn and enhance their self-image in the upper part of the age span (closer to two years).  They will also become acclimated to the water and learn to enjoy the sensations associated with movement in the water.  In addition, infants will learn to float on their back and breathe and to kick to the wall should they fall accidentally into the water.

Preschoolers:  Lessons can become very skill oriented at this age.  Preschool age children can learn to propel themselves independently in the water, can learn safety skills for themselves, learn to call for help for others and they can learn basic stroke skills in freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly.  They can learn to sustain themselves independently in the water for extended periods of time.

Adults: We teach our adult students how to breathe and get air first so that they are more self-sufficient in the water. Water adjustment, breath control, buoyancy, coordination and relaxation are the key areas of instruction.  Once we have taught breath control and buoyancy then we proceed to the same Ten Stations of the School-Age progression.  We teach the same sequence of skills.  We teach stroke improvement and endurance improvements in a group.  But for the non-swimmer, we usually do one-on-one teaching.
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