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Attention Swimmers!




LOVE Swimming Swim America is looking for

Instructors who want to work in the finest swim

lessons program in the world.


Job Description:

Part time year round including Spring and Summer jobs teaching children to swim with the Swim America program in the Parkland and St. Louis Counties, Missouri.  Morning and afternoon hours available Sunday through Thursday and Saturdays.



Successful applicants are fully trained in stroke and teaching techniques by Rudolph and Alice Oates, nationally recognized Coaches in training coaches and swim instructors.  Successful applicants will receive Swim America Coaches certification and Level 2 American Swimming Coaches Association Certification.


Call today for information or an application 573-358-7727 Office/Fax or 573-366-0410 Office Cell


This is a fantastic opportunity to use your swim skills to teach swimming, to learn more about strike and become a certified coach.


Swim America is a state of the art learn-to-swim program run by the American Swimming Coaches Association.    Our lab schools has helped more than 500 children and adults learn to swim.  We are looking for instructors who enjoy working with children and adults.


Full Training Course and "Free" Speedo Swim Suit provided:

Swim America coaches will be trained in, and be able to teach, all four strikes and will receive a beginning pay of $8.00 per hour.

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Call 573-358-7727 for the nearest training site.

Job Description

Job Title:

Swim America Coach Job Description


The individual who actually does the in-water teaching physical, social, learning, and emotional skills, values and attitudes to the students within the local Swim America Program.   The Swim American Coach is recruited, trained, and supervised by the Swim American Program Director.  ALWAYS defer parental questions to the Program Director.


The Program Director conducts ALL initial coach training.  Site Supervisors are not allowed to conduct initial coach training, though they may conduct on-going training.  This is to ensure that everyone who goes to work as a Swim America coach receives the same quality initial introduction to the program.  The Program Director is responsible for training and coaching the Swim America Coach by making sure that you have constant support and supervision.  The Program Director decides when a student has surpassed the station goals.


Swim America training takes 8 hours.  The initial 4 hours of training are done in a face to face setting with the Program Director.  The 4 additional hours are done by the student, on their own time with the materials in the Swim America Coaches Manual. 


When a Swim America coach has completed and passed (85%) the Swim America Coaches Test their Program Director will present them with a Swim America Red Teaching Card from the National Swim America Program certifying them as a Swim America Coach.  You are to report to work 15-20 minutes before the start of lessons, get your assignment from the Program Director.  The Program Director will open the lesson program, and open each class session.  At the end of the day the Program Director will close both the class session, and finally the day’s set of lessons.


A Swim America Coach is to be a role model for the student, knowledgeable, organized, flexible, and empathetic.  A Swim America Coach has a sense of humor, a sense of fairness, the understanding of discipline and its relationship to learning, enthusiasm and maturity.


And finally, other Swim America coaching duties as assigned to you by your Program Director

To submit your Application, all you have to do is print the application, complete the application then Fax, Email or Mail us the Application.
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