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Swim America

is a state-of-the-art, national learn to swim program developed by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA)

for Infants, Pre-School, School-Age and Adult Students. 

The Swim America Program is: (1) Quality Controlled - the cornerstone of this program is maintained from the National Office down to every coach working with every individual student by training, communicatoin and follow-through, (2) Goal-driven - the Swim America Program has advancement criteria that provides the student with clear tests of their own abilities, and (3) Technique-oriented - Swim America believes that "good swimming is good swimming".  There is no distinction between "competitive" and "recreational technique".

All of our Coach Instructors are trained and certified by our Swim America Program Directors. 

Trinity Fellowship's Sports Ministry Program Director is the holder of our Swim America License and has been granted the exclusive right to operate the Swim America Program in St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas

Swim America is designed for everybody, regardless of usage intentions.  It prepares any student who wishes to learn with the tools to participate in and appreciate a wide variety of aquatic activities like: competitive swim racing which is organized to provide excitement for children and adults alike (Swim Team), long-distance swimming, triathlon, springboard and platform diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and SCUBA diving.  Also, activities such as boating, water skiing, surfing, sailing, canoeing and fishing are made less hazardous when a participant can remove themselves from danger if the unexpected should occur.

Swim America is taught in 10 stations:

Station1: Bubbles

Station2: Floats and Glides

Station 3: Kicking

Station 4: Crawl Stroke

Station 5: Freestyle

Station 6: Backstroke

Station 7: Breastroke

Station 8: Butterfly

Station 9: Lifetime Strokes

Station 10: Individual Medley

Swim America teaches more than just how to swim.  Proper techniques are emphasized, with attention given to correct body position, movement of arms and legs, breathing and timing of the strokes.  In all stations, the students will focus on good swimming, which makes students safe in the water, fitness, health and fun.

Each new student is evaluated and placed in the station that best suits their ability.  A returning student will be placed in the station they were working on at the end of their last session.  The Program Director will track each student's progress and station placement. Unlike other learn-to-swim programs that lock a student in for the duration of a scheduled session which consists of several classes maybe even the entire program, Swim America is progressive and moves each student to a higher station(s) as they master the skills even if that means advancing  the student through several stations in one class. The Students find this program concept exciting and very rewarding because they get to see immediate results as they rewarded each time they advance.  Remember, students will progress at different rates.  Progress depends on each student's age, maturity and fitness level.

After Station 10 of the Swim America Program, the student will be able to swim 300 non-stop yards of freestyle, 100 yards of Backstroke and 100 yards of Individual Medley because Swim America considers this to be the definition of "Learn to Swim".

The student will not only be proficient in all four of the Olympic Strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke and freestyle but also possess the skills of extended swimming and technique refinement in all major strokes and turns.  At this point the student will also have the skills necessary to join LOVE Swimming or Team Genesis Swim Club.  The difference between LOVE Swimming and Team Genesis Swim Club is the level of commitment.

Our Swim America Program also has a Pre-Competitive Swim Team.  This is PERFECT for the swimmer who is a talented athlete but: (1) does not have the time to compete; (2) does not want to compete, or (3) does not want to comit to a year-round competitive swim program but wants to learn more than swim lessons.  Here are the qualifications for our Swim America Pre-Competitive Swim Team:

1. Must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle

2. Must be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke.

3. Must have an idea of how to swim Breastroke.

4. Must have an idea of how to swim Butterfly.

5. Must be a level 8 or higher in our Swim America Program.

Registration Policy:

There is a high demand for Swim America classes, so early enrollment is encouraged.  Classes are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

1. Payment is due at the time of registration

2. Remember to indicate your requested session(s) and class time(s) on your registration form.

3. Costs may vary per session, please be sure to check the cost of your session. 

4.  There is a annual non-refundable per swimmer registration fee of $25.  This includes a t-shirt, insurance, program award system and plenty of goodies.

Refund Policy:

No refunds and No credits.  No exceptions.  We rent pool space and pay coaches based on our registrations. Cancellation of classes is at the discretion of our Program Director.

Make-up Policy:


Discipline Policy:

All disciplinary issues are handled directly by our Program Director.

Free "Speedo"

Swim America Suit Information:

The Swimsuit (a $30 - $110 value) is FREE with your first set of classes (minimum 12 classes).  All swimmers MUST wear Swim America Suits.  A good swim suit can make learning to swim easier for swimmers.  Please remember to enter the student's current measurements as requested on the registration form.  Suits will be given out the first day of class when possible, please bring an extra swim suit at the beginning of your classes to avoid any sizing problems. 

We can also provide you with and encourage swim caps, goggles, training fins, gear bag, training paddles, snorkels, personal kickboard, etc.  Please see your coach to purchase these items.

For more information, send us a request by clicking the "Contact us" tab at the top of this page, or
call (573) 358-7727 Office/Fax
or email us at: programs@loveswimming.org

Call us today!

Free Swimming Lessons!
3 "Free" Swim America State-of-the-Art swimming lessons with your 1st purchase of 12 or more Swim America Classes.  Classes are taught by our Certified Swim America Swim Coaches.  We teach your children to swim and help them to enjoy this activity safely and with confidence.  This offer is available to individuals ages 3 and over.   This is the only National learn-to-swim program endorsed by the America Swim Coaches Associates.  This program was designed by the same Elite Coaches who train and Coach our USA Olympic Swim Team. Class Locations: Jefferson County Family YMCA, Festus, MO., Farmington Civic Center, Farmington, MO.,and Mehlville Senior High School Pool, Bonne Terre, MO.

The 3 Free Swim America State-of-the-Art Swimming Lessons are in addition to any classes you purchase.

The 3 Free Swim America State-of-the-Art Swimming Lessons and the "Free" Swim Suit a $30-$100 Value are one-time gifts and only apply to your 1st purchase of 12 Swim America Classes.

          Click here to print our
     Swim America Registration,
    Free Swim America Classes,               Payment, Referral &
               Sign-up forms

Swim America Class
Registration Information to
Purchase Classes

See how to register by Mail or Fax below.  To print off the Swim America Registration Sign-up paperwork just click here:

 To do your payment sign-up online click here: Swim America online payment and follow the directions below on this page where is says, "How to Register".  

Remember, you still have to complete the sign-up papers even if you sign-up online. 

Online registrations are processed faster than mail in registrations. 

On-line payment options are : 
  1. Credit Card,
  2. Debit Card or
  3. Check (here in payment information you select print and call then you will have to list in the special instructions section of your purchase the name on the check, routing number and check number and check amount).
When you do your payment sign-up online, all you have to do is mail or fax in your completed registration and sign-up forms that you print from this website.  

To print information on the Swim America Program click here: Swim America Program Information 

 A students is required to purchase a minimum of
12 Swim America Classes to receive the one-time 
"Free" Swimsuit a $30 - $100 Value and one-time 3 "Free" Swim America Classes.
This offer only applies to your 1st purchase of at least
12 Swim America Classes at anytime during your training. 

How to Purchase your Classes and Annual Payment Sign-up:

(1) From here click  "Swim America" 

(2) The first product you will need to purchase is your "Swim America Registration" .  This is a membership requirement for each Swim America Student when they join the Program and once a year thereafter for continued membership in the Program.

(3)   Come when you want to attend available classes, no schedule or appointment needed. Here are some of the Training Site Locations and their Days:

  • Monday Training Site location is the Jefferson County Family YMCA, 1303 YMCA Drive, Festus, Missouri at 4:30pm & 4:45pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday Training Site locations are at Mehlville Senior High School 6:30pm on Tuesdays and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday's.
  • Friday's Training Site location is the Farmington Civic Center, Farmington, MIssouri at 6:30pm and 7:00pm.
  • For a training site nearest you and or training days not listed above please contact our office at 573-358-7727 Office/Fax, 573-366-0410 Office Cell or email us at programs@loveswimming.org.

(5) Please remember to bring your on-line receipt to your first class as verification of your payment.  Once we receive your payment and registration, we will send you a confirmation to verify your class and registration purchase.

How To Register By Mail or Fax:

(1) Click the Swim America Sign-up Papers on this page and it will take you to the Swim America Sign-up Form.

(2) Print the Form.  Complete and Sign the Form.  Submit the Form and your payment to:

Trinity Fellowship Sports Ministry
  P.O. Box 345
8144 Terre Bleue Drive
Bonne Terre, Missouri 63628


Fax your Completed and signed Registration Form and Payment Information (Credit Card, Debit Card or Check) to 573-358-7727.

Once we receive your Completed and Signed Sign-up Form and Payment we will contact you in writing to verify your classes and registration purchased.

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